LifeGame 3.0

Create life on your Palm


  • Interesting, innovative concept


  • Not very exciting
  • Poor presentation

Not bad

Back in 1970 a Cambridge mathematician called John Conway invented a 'game' called The Game of Life, based around cellular automation. Almost 40 years later, and his invention is now available on the Palm in the shape of LifeGame.

The basic premise of the Game of Life, and also LifeGame, sees life played out on a grid of square cells. A cell can be 'alive' or 'dead' as time goes by. A dead cell with exactly three neighbors becomes a live cell, which is known as the 'birth'. A live cell with two or three neighbors survives. In all other cases a cell dies or remains dead.

What you can do in LifeGame is create patterns and select pre-made patterns of cells and put them into 'battle' with each other. You simply choose the cell formations you want in both the blue and the red boxes then hit the 'Game' button and LifeGame will initiate the movement of the pieces before your eyes. The cell formation with the most individual cells left at the end is declared the winner.

LifeGame is not your average Palm game. There's no action, little human interaction and it's not very well presented. It's an interesting representation of the Game of Life though, for those who are into that kind of thing.

LifeGame may interesting if you like math, but I found no excitement in it whatsoever.

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LifeGame 3.0

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